Democratizing justice

Reaching out to the have-nots.

Legal Services Clinic-Law students giving back to the community

  • GoI appointed a Committee for Implementating Legal Aid Schemes (CILAS)  to monitor and implement legal aid programs across India.
  • CILAS is responsible for the set up several legal aid and advisory boards in States and Union Territories.
  • Advocate R.P. Bansal who has been serving at Delhi High Court Legal Aid Cell for past 35 years speaks about the lawyers serving at the cell: “These lawyers don’t get to be a part of this cell just because they want to help but because they possess the intellect to do – not being rich is no reason why you should have a poor lawyer“.
  • He laments that talented law students choose top law firms over Legal Aid Cells for internships and law schools don’t provide sufficient encouragement to reverse the trend.
  • Students say they are driven to prestigious law firms or senior advocates to polish their resume due to fierce competition.
  • The cell has delivered justice on cases relating to dowry, domestic violence, divorce, etc and the work provides much moral satisfaction.
  • Bhargavi Mudakavi, fourth year student and Joint Convener of the LSC, NLSIU, Bangalore, on primary purposes of LSC: “a) provision of practical knowledge, training and development of skill sets, b) socially sensitization of students, and c) creation of low cost, dependable legal counsel and an awareness of the law in socio-economically backward sections.

Source: Bar & Bench

Silly and witty lawyer jokes aside, one has to admit there is some very commendable work being done by a section of the legal society that looks beyond just paychecks, and wishes to make a difference. Some of them prove that fighting crime and bringing justice to the wronged isn’t a concept reserved only for caped heroes in  comic books. Cheers to the idealism of youth and those who manage to preserve it!

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