Law schools to get in line or get out!

BCI chairman wields the whip on slouchy law schools. Sets tasks and deadline.

BCI asks law schools to fall in line

  • Bar Council of India (BCI) asks 930 law colleges to either conform to set standards or be barred from admitting students post 2011.
  • BCI has directed colleges to start paying university Grants Commission approved pay-scale, to attract more talented faculty.
  • Also, law schools ordered to revise educational curriculum as per BCI prescribed modern standards.
  • BCI chairman Mr Subramaniam speaking on concept of a mandatory entrance test before being permitted to practice in courts: This entrance test is going to be a great homogenising effect. If a student from a rural law college passes this entrance test and qualifies to become an advocate along with a graduate from a prestigious national law school, it will have a great balancing effect and remove disparity in attitude.

Source: TOI

Go BCI! Cheers! đŸ˜€


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One Response to Law schools to get in line or get out!

  1. Srinivasan says:

    A welcome move.. đŸ˜€

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