New exam before legal practice

Your law school finals wont be the last paper you give before starting your practice. An all India Bar has been introduced for the purpose of maintaining intake quality.

Fresh graduates must take all-India Bar exam

  • Law graduates intending to take up legal practice will have to pass an All-India Bar Exam, conducted by BCI
  • The exam will test skills and basic knowledge critical for the profession
  • The examination will be held twice a year. Those failing in the first test may re-appear.
  • Rainmaker – a legal consultancy firm will help conduct the test in 9 languages, and will charge Rs. 1,300 per candidate.
  • Mr. Subramaniam (BCI chairman) said: “The Indian legal profession consists of approximately 11 lakh registered advocates, around 1,000 law schools and approximately 5 lakh law students. Every year, approximately 60,000 law graduates join the legal profession.”
  • Bill on legal education
  • BCI is opposed to entry of foreign lawyers – unlike in other countries, in India there was a standard of practice maintained by lawyers and they were not governed by earning money alone.

Source: The Hindu

If all goes as planned, the new exam, set in capable hands, will help hold up quality and fend off inequality. Here’s hoping it lives up to expectations.

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