CLAT and LST Mock Tests

Team LST

Here are a few things about LST mock tests:

1. LST mock tests are not math: My mathematics used to go like this- I’ve got a rank of 100 out of 2000 students. If there are 6000 serious students taking CLAT my rank will be around 300 and I’d thus get such and such law college.

It does NOT work like this. Never. Read on.

2. It is a marathon: Mock tests are a polite reminder to every CLAT aspirant that this test is a marathon. You’ll have to keep running for long, amidst a lot and through a lot of competitors.

Three things:

1. Keeping pace with the top peers is an ideal strategy.

2. Lag too far behind, and you’ll drop out of the race 10 times out of 9.

3. That you’ll sprint towards the end is overestimating yourself.

CLAT is a marathon

3. It is not a mock-ery: Shrugging off mock tests results will mean that you’ve gone into the psychological mode of ‘denial’.

A good mock test performance (80 percentile) will mean that you’ve got a good chance of making it to the top. A less than 60 percentile score is a nice wrap on the knuckles.

Note: However, again, mathematics don’t work. The marathon has lots of people who’ll goad themselves on towards the end and lots of people who’ll tire out or slack before the finish line. (What category will you belong to?)

4. Mock tests are not CLAT: On D-month, D-week and on D-day lots of forces of nature will try to disrupt you, your schedule and your preparations. There will be some in the population who fall prey to these forces, some who’ll sail, un-assassinated.

Meditation, parents, friends, LSTian peers, prayers, beads, self help books, blogs, nice songs, nice movies, teddy bears etc. are things to hold dear then. (By then, you should also have figured out, what works for you).

Summary: Do NOT think of mocks as precise maths or take them lightly or as CLAT. Take them as a marathon.

PS: If you don’t feature among the top rankers in the first few mocks, don’t lose heart. Work hard and target a progressively increasing percentile score. An 80 percentile towards the end is a good number to target.

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