All of you guys are really preparing hard for CLAT and often daydream about getting into one of the premier Law Schools of the country. Logical reasoning, Legal Aptitude, English Vocabulary exercises and the exhaustive current affairs portion are weighing hard upon you. At such juncture, one seeks to wonder what life at Law School is going to be all about. Do you have to toil your way through the five years or is there any scope for fun, being laid back and reveling in the success of clearing CLAT. Is it all about books (hefty thick ones), infinitely long judgments (tediously boring), a plethora of exercises and looming discomfort of exams and projects around the corner?


Well!! Frankly, you’ve to study and study hard at Law School to be above the rest and get into a field/job that you desire. But this is not the only side of the story. You also get to have fun, engage in co-curricular activities, play any sport under the sun and showcase your musical or literary talents.


So how is life at Law school? Does one get good food? Does one get time enough to catch up on one’s hobbies and interests? Does one get time to read anything beyond law? Do they play cricket or football or basketball? What are the hostel timings? Is attendance strict? Do they have intra-college and inter-college fests? All these and many more questions would be surging in your heads.


So let us begin with what life at law school is all about. (Don’t worry. There would be no talks or lectures on how much you’ve to study to ace the exams and how much effort you put in to be showered with gold medals, and what perseverance and sincerity you need to bag the coveted Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford. We can discuss all that in some other post.) Let us answer the trivial yet most important components first. (The ingredients that make one happy and as a law student would say is a part and parcel of his Right of Life under Article 21. J)




It is the primary concern. Believe me. Gorge as much as you could on the ‘Ghar ka Khana’. I know that it is bland right now and not as exotic as dining in a fancy place or gorging on road side shops. But once you get into Law School, you are going to miss it like crazy. I am not saying that the quality of food is horrendous or unpalatable. The only argument I have is that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’. That applies to the homemade food too. The food you get at Law School is not bad at all. A menu is made in advance for all meals in a week and the Student Body Council has a lot of say in determining what is palatable and what is not (It is the first stage when you could be a Judge and give directions to improve the quality of the stuff, provided you don’t like it already). So do not worry much about food. It’s going to be just fine.




All Law Schools believe in a holistic development of students and their intention is not in the slightest to make you bookworms and Owls who would burn the night lamp over books. A lot of scope is provided as far as your sporting talents are concerned. Be it cricket, football, lawn tennis, badminton, basketball, table tennis or ice skating (ok I exaggerated about ice skating), you have all the facilities available. There are fields; there are college teams and batch teams and Ah!! What fun it is as first years to defeat the reigning champions (5th years, 4th years etc. etc.). You can even play rugby, provided you get enough crowds to participate. And for all you gym aficionados, law schools have gym facilities too. So work hard in the gym (After all a physically fit young bright lawyer is sure to ace all legal challengesJ).


To be Continued….

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