Life at a Law School


You might have won laurels for your impeccable oratory and keen knack on framing questions that could stump anyone in the Q & A sessions in School debates. Well!!! The story at law schools is slightly different and definitely more engaging and engrossing. The debates are in Parliamentary style (What one calls Parliamentary Debating). For all of you who have some idea about it or have participated in it, you would get further chances to be a master. The teams are made of two people and at a time a couple of teams face each other, arguing over most topical to most trivial issues. (Obviously one side is ‘for’ the motion and the other ‘against’). The topics are given barely 5 minutes in advance and call for a keen insight into the subject. You may be given an abstract topic like ‘All roads lead to Rome’ or ‘Pigs can’t fly’ and then it is all upon your creative imagination and arguing skills. For instance: You can view the topic ‘All roads lead to Rome’ in context with the global multi-religious and multi-ethnic conditions. The topics are quite ‘out of the box’ and not marked with any monotonous or obsolete streak. You all are going to love it. (Even those who do not participate can have some stomach cramps from incessant laughter that accompanies the weirder interpretation of the already weird topics). At times you get serious topics too but as the event is of a co-curricular nature and aims at having a ‘gala’ time, it is ensured that the fun is not missed in serious and tedious discussions. So keep your oratory skills in check. (You are going to need them both as a debater and lawyer. After all, the trick to success in legal profession is arguing).

Intra-college and Inter-college Fests.

Coming to one of the most important celebration of freedom and mirth at law schools, the fests provide students a chance to get off the books and projects; forget about submissions and due dates; and tread on a rollercoaster ride of fun and frolic. Whatever is the competing event (from debates to elocutions to tug of war to face painting to ‘kachra kala’), it is ensured that all tastes are catered and no opportunity of exploring and rejoicing is missed. The days of the fest are halcyon and the carelessness that hangs over the campus life is overwhelming. You can take your guitar and entertain doting friends before performing on stage or plan of the strategy to be adopted in your next kabbadi game. In intra-college fests, all the five batches compete and the environment is one of intense competition and sheer desire to outwit the others. The ecstasy of winning is unparalleled.
In Inter-College fests like Strawberry Fields (NLSIU), Summons (NALSAR), Invictus (NUJS) and a plethora of others, students from across the country come to your campus. Not only law schools but IITs, IIMs and local colleges also participate in the fest. The host institution does not participate as it is busy with it duties as the ‘perfect’ host. And since past few years, these inter-college fests end with a wonderful concert of noted artists and bands like Jal, Indian Ocean, Lucky Ali, Strings, Euphoria and the like. The excitement is feverish and there is no doubt that it is one of the most memorable experiences at a law school.

Moot Courts

This is for those who are interested in gaining an experience of arguing before a panel of judges. Moot Courts are demo courts where each team, largely comprising of three people, with two speakers and a researcher, argue their case in a court-room setting before a panel of judges who are senior students; ex-mooters or professors or jurists of repute. The first taste of this addictive fruit comes in the first year when introductory moot sessions are conducted for the fresher’s. There are many national and international moot courts held across Universities both nationally and internationally and a selection into moot court team of the college is the first step to gain access to these prestigious competitions. They not only test one’s speaking, argumentative and research capabilities but also entail rich experience and widening of one’s horizons. It shapes your academic interests and attitude, the two most vital components that are stepping stones to success in a legal profession.


With this we come to end of varied activities that form a part of campus life at law school. Participate in all of them freely. It all adds up somewhere and makes you grow and learn as a person. Life at law school is no different from life in general. It has its share of ups and downs, hours of pouring over books to periods of lethargy and benign air, spending afternoon session in seminars to evenings of cricket or football. But one thing is for sure. It is a rollercoaster ride and once you are on it make it last its worth.

Hope that all of you are kicked to get into a law school and enjoy the five long years of halcyon bliss and tremendous academic and personal growth. Wish you best with your preparations. Work hard, study smart and success would be yours.


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