With board examinations over, preparations for CLAT and other entrance exams for varied law schools would be in full swing. Do not think a lot over the missed time when you had to prepare for your boards. The time on hand is crucial and the one who makes the best of it would walk through the portals of a law school.

This is the time that would separate the victors from the whiners. Hence it is important that you stay focused, determined and meritorious. Do not set into a mode of complacency and think that you’ve attended the classes or gone through material once. Do not enter into a fool’s paradise where you believe that one casual read through the syllabus is suffice to sail you through the murky waters of an entrance exam. The key to success is revision and without it no preparation is of merit. Go through your notes and solve problems again and again till you have them on your fingertips. After all as the adage goes ‘Practice makes a Man Perfect’.

A few tips for you in this last month of preparation that would help you stay focused with your goal in sight are as under: –

• Doubts: Make all mistakes at the time of your preparation only. There is no room for it when you face the music of exams. Do not get disheartened if you are not satisfied or if you fall pray to error. After all mistakes and doubts would only help you to identify your weaker areas and knowledge of your weakness would help you streamline your preparation better. Come up with doubts. If you don’t have any, that’s great. But if you have doubts then it is vital that they are addressed at the earliest. Make a list of them. Flag it under varied headings. Check and re-read your modules. Find out whether such would quell your doubts. If the menace of doubts is still lurking, go ahead and feel free to discuss it with your faculty and friends.

• Revision: No preparation is complete without revision. Revise again and again till you perfect what all you have read. Do not be tempted to read new materials. What you have read is suffice. Just go through it again and again. It is better to read a book five times than reading five books one time. Do not think that the more you read, the more you would know. Concentrate on retaining what all you have read.

• Practice Mock tests: It is highly unobvious that questions in your exam would be directly lifted from one of the mock test papers. Then what is the purpose of solving them? You all know the answer. The more you practice, the more you get acquainted with the type of questions asked and you won’t find yourself completely at bay at the time of examination. So practice hard and practice a lot. Also try solving the entire question paper within the stipulated time. Time your preparation and if you find yourself slow, then address the reasons for such.

• Stay Positive: Do not waste your time thinking over failure or success. The job you have at your hand is to study hard. Do your duty with dedication and have faith in your capabilities. Remember ‘God only helps those who helps themselves’. Stay positive and work hard. Confidence and success would definitely come your way.

Wish you all happy preparation and best for your exams.


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